Pakistan initiates Science Diplomacy to mend smart technologies

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi inaugurated the first high level inter-agency meeting of Science Diplomacy initiative to perk up Pakistan’s access to smart technologies at the foreign office in Islamabad.

Pakistan initiates Science Diplomacy to mend smart technologies

The ultimate aim of Science Diplomacy is to promote constructive international partnerships with the centers of excellence of science and technology abroad and commerce efficiently with trans-boundary challenges such as climate, energy, water, poverty diminution, health and education.

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Science Diplomacy will improve Pakistan’s admittance to smart technologies and international technical assistance, especially in the backdrop of the implementation of the sustainable development goals.

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The initiative focal point is establishing international research collaborations, competence building, improving public health, identical labor skills with international market requirements.

International Research Collaborations

The meeting was attended by senior representatives from health, education, science and technology, energy, climate change, food security and industries. The participants have also presented proposals in their areas of expertise, outlining possible avenues for international cooperation.

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In order to workout at the plan to smooth the progress of international science and technology initiative collaborations the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires feedback from both the public and private sectors.

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