Google Maps rolled out new feature “speeding tickets”

In order to avoid and warn drivers from speeding on roads, Google Maps has rolled out a new feature which will notify people about speed limits and hidden speed cameras.

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The new feature, as spotted by Android Policehas been introduced by Google on its Google Maps through which it will display speed limit on different roads and indicate location of speed cameras, warning drivers beforehand.

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The maximum speed limits for the particular road will be shown on the corner of the screen. Whereas, for the speed camera traps, the driver will be able to see a new camera icon along with getting an audio notification as they approach a hidden speed camera.

Google Maps

The Google Maps feature has been rolled out for both iOS and Android. However, for now the update is for users in the UK, the US, Denmark, while they speed camera icons are currently rolling out to Australia, Canada, UK, US, Brazil, India, Russia, and Mexico users.

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Moreover, the feature was already under tests since 2016 and was available to only San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro users.

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