Technology brings best power bank for laptop

Technology brings you the most powerful and best laptop power banks for 2019. More than 45% Mobile users uses a power bank for charging and now the percentage is increasing day by day.

Technology brings best power bank for laptop

But now the World is revolutionized with technology and now there are Power banks for your laptops as well, which mean now it’s easy to charge a laptop via Power bank. Just as Mobile Phones.

Laptops are specially made to be used away from a power source, but your use of laptop will vary depending on your Laptop battery status.

We are now going to show you some Powerful Power banks which are designed specifically for laptops but also can be used as Mobile Power Banks.

3 best power bank for laptop in pakistan

1. Poweradd Pilot Pro

3 best power bank for laptop

The poweradd Pilot pro Power bank is on our top list. The Mini iPad size Powerbank has a charging capacity of 31000 mAh, which is totally insane.

The Poweradd pilot pro has 5v USB Charging ports along with single Output (DC) For Computers. Now you can easily charge 5 Mobile Phones at the same time along with your Laptop.

The poweradd pilot pro can be found on Amazon with the price tag of 80$ equivalent to 11,000 PKR.

power bank price

The DBPOWER power bank comes with storage Capacity of 27,000 mAh. This power bank has a Unique Charging Feature.

It can also charge your Electronic Devices (AC) Up to 75 Watts like Hairdryer & Drone Camera too. It has 2 Ports of 5v along a single port for AC Outlet. Buying of the Powerbank will cost you round about 8,000 PKR.

power bank specifications

The last but not least, We have Jackery Powerbar for laptop and Cell with a Top Notch Quality and amazing Look, This power bank has a shape of Bar, that’s why it’s called a jackery Powerbar.

This charging bank is one of the best and Smallest laptop power bank for a laptop which can be very easy to use. The bank has a 21,000 mAh of capacity storage, which means Normal in storage capacity but Advanced in Shape and charging.

It’s easy to carry in your pockets due to its weight, The weight of this bank is round about 1.5 lbs. This bank has also the capacity of (AC) Charging of 85w.

It has also 3 USB Charging ports for your Mobile and Tablets. This beautiful bar shape Power bank is little expensive, It will cost you around 18,000 PKR.

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