Changing Environment and Evolving Organisms

Different organisms live in their environment. They interact with their environment. Interaction with the environment is the basic need of an organism.

Changing Environment and Evolving Organisms

But not all organisms interact with their environment in the same way. We may have some examples here. As an organism living in deep sea have different way of living as compared to those who are living on the land. Then again if we talk about land animals they show different behavior according to their surroundings. For example

  • A rat lives in a thickly grown forest with plenty of water
  • A rat living in a desert having no or very less water supply

This behavior is innate from an organism that how he manages to live in his surroundings. If we clear observe this thing we come to know that this behavior is actually forced by the environment.

Again we take the example of two rats living in the same two different environments, one in forest and the other one in desert; they are predated by same organisms with few exceptions and are predated by birds (hawks, owls and Kestrels etc.), Felines (bob cat, cougars), Snakes (rat snakes) and Weasels. These organisms save themselves by hiding themselves.

But when we talk about a forest and a desert, a forest has better places to hide as compared to the desert. So the rat in the desert is forced by the circumstances to become more active and agile as compared to the rat in forest.

Their body color also differs which help them to live in their respective environment. Not only the predator but also the other physical conditions like Temperature, air, food sources, availability of water and many other factors affect the organism to behave in a different way in his environment.

Here a question arises that if the origin of each organism is same then how they differ? Evolution helps us to answer this question. Actually the problems by the organism in one time changed the genetic makeup of coming generations to cope with that problem in a better way. So the organisms changes their physical behavior and even metabolism of their body to become better adopted to their environment

When we talk about present time, our environment is changing continuously. Humans are playing key role in changing the environment. Humans are modifying the world in many ways, and not all of them for the better.

The changes we cause are often severe challenges to animals, plants and microbes in nature, from the introduction of pathogens or exotic invasive species to adding toxic substance or excessive nutrients, or causing climatic change. Often several changes occur at once.

If this modification will not be done in an environment friendly way the organism will be forced to keep on evolving and we should keep in the mind that not all time the  is good. So the structure of life and organisms will totally change in future. This could prove very destructive.

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