Pakistan’s Bank need to meet Digital Banking trends

First Centerm Dialogue on Digital Banking convention organized by NC Inc, pertaining that banks should adopt digital banking to address the cramp points of customers with rejuvenate bank services and automation.

Pakistan’s Bank need to meet Digital Banking trends

Seeing that, technology is refurnishing the banking industry worldwide and Pakistan’s banking system instantly needs to accommodate latest trends and equipment with more focus on customers for facilitation through latest gadgets in a smooth aspect.

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Nadeem Hussain, Chairman and Founder, Planet N Group said that Pakistan needs to meet digital banking trend and we can’t challenge importance of digital banking  innovation change as by 2020, our 70 percent population will be born in the age of internet.

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Creating smooth customers’ journey is the most significant aspect if the banks in Pakistan want to valve the potential. 90 percent population will have 3g/4g technology and Small Fintechs will have a larger customer pedestal than banks.


FinTech is an exponentially growing technology, aiming to replace the traditional financial services.

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For the meantime, experts said that digital technologies such as Banking Devices, Payment Solution, Thin Client, Cloud Computing and Smart Terminal are reconstructing the use of conventional technologies to modify internal processes, customer relations and be a sign of schemes.

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