Software that keep track of foreigners to be developed by NADRA

NADRA contemplate to build up software to keep track of foreigners visiting the country for security purposes, particularly those visiting sensitive locations without preceding approval from intelligence agencies.

Software that keep tab on foreigners to be developed by NADRA

The software will facilitate provincial governments to keep track of all foreign visitors’ movements and have an updated record in case any unpleasant happening.

A central repository software containing data-bank of all incoming and outgoing foreigners as well as storing the date of arrival and the purpose of the foreigner’s stay in the country including immigration documents with the FIA.

The development of this software is essential because of Chinese legitimate functioning on CPEC project as well as probability of increased foreign investment and involvement in the country in forthcoming outlook.

In Punjab Special Protection Unit has been established for the protection of Chinese formal working on CPEC.  Biometric record and a database containing personal information of the foreigners will be maintained at each constituency police station.

By the level of complexity and the number of significant locations software will be deployed in, it could possibly take a year at the minimum to squash without any bugs.

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