Snapchat soon bring ‘Permanent Public Snaps’

Snapchat Stories always disappear after some time but this soon might change as the content will be able to last for longer time or even permanently.

Snapchat soon bring 'Permanent Public Snaps'

Snapchat might be considering to make its public Stories, the ones featured in Our Story section, last for longer time period, or even permanently, and won’t vanish themselves. However, the private snaps would remain short-lived.

The user will be able to delete the stories themselves, but they won’t automatically disappear. Also, Snapchat is reportedly looking forward to revealing the identities of Snapchat’s users who make public posts, as per people familiar with the matter.

Moreover, with this update, Snapchat can benefit through it as the non-disappearing content could be as a way to boost its partnerships with publishers and potentially claim more ad revenue.

The change could potentially help the struggling company, but Snap chat users aren’t exactly known for welcoming change. A redesign last year was met by an claim against all the changes, leading Snap Inc. to continue refining the new design changes.

The move would be prompted by at least in part by Snapchat’s partners. This is because some of company’s publisher partners have reportedly been hesitant to use the feature because of the fact that snaps disappear. 


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