SAU student devised ‘smart bag’ to track students

In Pakistan, Child abduction becomes frequent crime. Children’s went to school to attain education but unfortunately becomes the abduction victim. Keeping in view, Raheel Sarwar a final year student of the Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Tandojam situated near Hyderabad has devised what he called ‘smart bag’ competent of tracking location for students.

SAU student devised'smart bag' to track students

Information Technology student Raheel Sarwar conceived an idea of school bags featuring location of students, temperature of classrooms and information on their syllabus using an electronic circuit.

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The smart bag will be connected to smartphones so, that the parents can keep an eye to save their children from any hazard. This simply means that parents can easily access the information concerning whereabouts of their children.

The useful device is first of its kind could inform parents about timetables of classes.  Now, the students wearing smart bag can’t skip their classes and be on time when leaving the place. This smart bag gadget promised the security of every Pakistani aspirant.

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Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Tandojam


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