Agriculture dept started training for cotton growers

The Agriculture department has started training for cotton growers under off-season cotton management strategy to save the cotton crops from attack of pink bollworm.

Agriculture dept started training for cotton growersAgriculture dept started training for cotton growers

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Pink bollworm goes in frost snooze during the month of November and December and its eggs remain present on cotton seeds, branches and desiccated leafs in farms and ginning factories. After winter, when these pink bollworms get adequate temperature they once become more active.

Therefore, the Agriculture department has started training of cotton growers. Under this programme, the field staff of the department was visiting villages and arranging training session for the growers and it would continue till the month of March.

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In the very first phase, cotton growers in 1,065 villages would be passing on training and guidance. The training was intended to identify the problems faced by small cotton farmers and the budding solutions.

The farmers need to take part actively in the session and must interact with the trainers. Agriculture department hopes that the local farmers gain such opportunities to the maximum of their assistance and learn more about official information centers that are accessible for their help.

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About the attack of Pink Bollworm on Cotton Crops


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