Pakistan’s social media users grew by 5.7% till Jan 2019

Pakistan’s active social media users grew by 5.7 percent till January 2019. As, disclosed by a global digital report ‘We are Social’ and ‘Hootsuite’

Pakistan's social media users grew by 5.7% till Jan 2019

Pakistan’s mobile internet users were recorded at 21% and  mobile subscriptions stood at 154.3 million, internet users with a penetration of 22%, active social media users at 37 million with a penetration of 18% and mobile social media users at 36 million with a penetration of 18%.

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Annual digital growth (Jan 2018-Jan 2019) for mobile subscriptions witnessed a 5.6% increase or addition of 8 million, active social media users rose 5.7% or by 2 million and mobile social media, users grew 13% or by 4 million.

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Data compiled showed YouTube generated the uppermost amount of traffic monthly of 92,300,000 and time per visit was recorded at 31 minutes and pages per visit were 14.5.

Search engine behemoth Google generated a monthly traffic of 75,500,00 with time per visit of 12 minutes 36 seconds, Facebook generating monthly traffic of 46,000,000 with time per visit of 17 minutes 45 seconds, Whatsapp with 8,000,000 monthly traffic and time per visit of 2 minutes 39 seconds.

The astonishing contestant in this list was Daraz, the e-commerce website which generated monthly traffic of 5,700,000 with a time per visit of 6 minutes 46 seconds and Twitter attaining monthly traffic of 5,300,000 with time per visit of 11 minutes 19 seconds.

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On the whole number of active social media users accessing via mobile devices was recorded at 36 million and active social media users as a percentage of the population were 18%.

Digital Pakistan 2019 Report (Social Media)

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