Impacts of technologies in our daily lives

Invention and technology have changed our lives, for our betterment. And there are so many positive and negative advantages, if some one uses the modern technologies in right way.

Impacts of technologies in our daily lives

An individual will get the positive advantages from the technology, for example the use of internet for the study or research purpose is the positive advantage of the  internet technology.

Now a days  due to the passage of time, the technology is developed. In 19’s century the use of the television is common, but in 20’s century the LCD’s and LED’s are used in every home.

This change in the technology is not discontinuous but it is continuously developing day  by day. Without the technology the human lives are more difficult to live, in every step of life the technology has been used.

Positive advantages of technology

  1. In the Education System for Teaching and Learning.

The powerful use of Technology in Education has modified the face of education and it has created more instructional possibilities. Both instructors and college students have benefited from numerous educational technology, teachers have learned how to integrate technology in their school rooms and students are becoming more interested by learning with generation.

The use of technology in schooling has eliminated instructional boundaries, both students and teachers can collaborate in actual time using advanced instructional technology. Students also use the technology for listening online lectures through the channels or links just like Youtube and other websites. They also use the links for the research purpose.

Technology has helped within the increment of mobile getting to know and long distance getting to know. The use of internet generation has enabled instructors to reach students throughout boarders and additionally students from developing nations have used internet generation to subscribe for advanced educational publications.

Many universities and colleges have embraced on-line education through developing virtual lecture rooms. Online schooling is flexible and low-priced, students can attend lecture rooms throughout their free time, and that they also can have a chance to engage with other students sincerely.

  1. Healthcare Department

Medical generation is a wide subject wherein innovation performs a essential position in sustaining fitness. Areas like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, records generation, the development of clinical devices, and more have all made significant contributions to improving the fitness of human beings all around the global.

From “small” improvements like adhesive bandages and ankle braces, to large, greater complex technology like MRI machines, synthetic organs, and robot prosthetic limbs, era has absolutely made an wonderful impact on medicine.

Through the use of technology in medical research, scientists have been able to examine diseases on a cellular level and produce antibodies against them. These vaccines against life-threatening diseases like malaria, polio, MMR, and more prevent the spread of disease and save thousands of lives all around the globe.

In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that vaccines save about 3 million lives per year, and prevent millions of others from contracting deadly viruses and diseases.

  1. Communication

Modern Tech has modified the manner we interact and talk with other.  With the accelerated use of social based totally networks, people can create new relationships and also discover old friends. With era, mother and father can talk and preserve music in their youngsters. So communication has emerge as simpler and less expensive.

Even although social networks are seeking to replace e-mail communication; there may be sure facts which customers cannot change through social networks. So e-mail services like yahoo mail, Hotmail, and Gmail have eased communique.

It’s now very uncommon to discover someone writing a letter because with the intention to contain posting it to a postal workplace and paying delivery charges, which isn’t the case whilst you operate email.

Negative advantages of technology.

  1. Laziness

With the use of social media just like facebook, messenger, snapchat and other various apps, the students waste more time on them, that’s why most of the young generation has become lazy.

Most of the students are wasting time by watching movies rather than playing in parks this thing also traumatizes the young people.

  1. Dependency

Nowadays, it has become addiction most of the people relying on internet such as if some one wants to purchase some things like clothes , mobiles cars and even vegetables by ordering through the online stores. For example, amazon,,etc. it also creates letharginess.


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