Facebook meme platform LOL junked before discharge

Facebook was reportedly testing a new meme-based platform called LOL to win over teens that left the platform. Now new reports suggest that it has already been junked before even seeing the daylight.

Facebook meme platform LOL junked before discharge

Around a month ago, social media site Facebook was reportedly testing a new LOL platform dedicated to memes, funny videos and GIF-like clips to regain the lost teens. However, the tests didn’t really last long and the project is dead before it was released.

Instead, Facebook will now be focusing on Messenger Kids, a messaging app for kids under 13. A Facebook spokesperson told“The Youth team has restructured in order to match top business priorities, including increasing our investment in Messenger Kids.”

The advertisement-free Messenger Kids was originally launched back in December 2017 and while focusing on safety, gave a way to children for chatting with parent-approved friends and family members without even requiring a phone number.

Moreover, the few users who tested LOL described the app as ‘cringey’, often incorporating weeks old memes and videos that have already been seen before.

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