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Thousands of petitions for the creation of a fair social media solution

Big protest triggered a campaign known by the hashtag #SaveYourInternet. The campaign is for the creation of a fair social media solution and directed against so-called “upload filters”, which the EU wants to set by law. However, most people are unaware that large Internet platforms are already deciding today whether and who may see published content.

Thousands of petitions for the creation of a fair social media solution
Petitionfounder “Börge-H. Spröde makes with his own petition “manipulation on the Internet not only cost time & money, but endanger jobs!”, Attention to the fact that the manipulations mentioned by him endanger jobs worldwide. The targeted influence on search results in search engines or the trend in social networks to pay for visibility even within their own network are more than questionable. Added to this is the almost monopolistic market position of these Internet companies. If a monopolist can charge any price for the hitherto free range, jeopardizing the existence of many companies. Basically, the Internet companies could dispense with these additional income, but here, the profit maximization seems to be in the foreground. For a long time, that has nothing to do with the original ideas and values ​​that have made these Internet companies big.

For this reason, the entrepreneur launched his petition in January 2019 and is currently looking forward to more than 5,000 signatures. With his petition, the founder wants to not only point out the threat to workplaces by manipulation, but also call for the promotion of the fair all-in-one social media platform APOOS. “We need more fair solutions.” Maximizing profits at the expense of users is outdated today, and the Internet offers great opportunities to get people moving, and we should capitalize on that potential,” says founder, Spröde.

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