PATTA feature women’s role in agri technology

Women have been a significant part of ranch across the country. But now, as women in agriculture, we have a distinctive opportunity to be the change for a better future of our industry. 

PATTA feature women's role in agri technology

Keeping in line, a committee recently organized by the USAID-funded Pakistan Agricultural Technology Transfer Activity (PATTA) discussed the role of women in agricultural technology.

The discussion comes up in the configuration of a woman-run consultative committee to create and enlarge business opportunities for Pakistani women in the sector. 

Women cream of the crop in agricultural technology beam about their experiences and agreed that determined efforts are needed in identifying bottlenecks to women’s empowerment in agriculture.

An entrepreneur Nasima Karim, from Gilgit-Baltistan stated, “I am hopeful today’s critical discussion will create an environment for tech-based advances that will allow women farmers in Gilgit-Baltistan to excel.”

Tabindah Shahzadi from Rachna Agri Business added, “This platform will help create a network of women professionals and CEOs to link women with agri-technologies.”

Shamsher Khan, Acting Chief of Party PATTA said that “PATTA is hauling out several activities over the course of next three years across Pakistan, and the significant input of these participants from the private sector has informed us on both their technical needs as well as how to make the sector more wide-ranging for women.”

Participants at the roundtable represented private sector companies like Cattlekit, Rachna Agri Business, C.K.D Seeds and Fertilizer, Jaffer Brothers, Amin Agencies and Fatima Group.

Women in Agriculture technology are a way to connect and share experiences with associate women in agri-business. The goal is to endorse the role, and leadership of women on the farm and leading youth organizations towards empowerment.

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