Careem rewards programme for its loyal users

Careem has launched the hefty programme entitled as Careem REWARDS and is active on all Pakistani Careem users apps giving points on all rides paid by cash, card, or invoice.

Careem rewards programme for its loyal users

No further sign-up is required and Careem users are now automatically earning points for every ride they take. Points can then be redeemed for in-app credit, charity donations or in the near future.

Mudassir Sheikha, Careem’s co-founder and CEO, said: “We are so grateful to our customers for the trust they place in Careem everyday, and we want to recognize their loyalty with something in return.”

Careem is the first company in our industry to launch something like this in the region, and it’s a unique programme that rethinks how loyalty schemes work and focuses on simplicity of use and value.

He added, “Someone who uses Careem daily to commute will, as a result of Careem REWARDS, get at least two free rides per month – that level of reward is well above the average for a rewards programme.

If Careem customers take 15 rides a month they will additionally achieve Careem Gold status and enjoy benefits including 50 percent more points awarded on all rides, no matter which country they were in while using Careem.

Once unlocked, Careem Gold status is active for the month in which it was achieved, as well as the following two months. To maintain the Gold status users have to unlock it again before it expires.

Points can be converted into credit appearing in app wallet to spend on Careem rides, or used to fund a range of  charity donation. With the WWF for only 900 points users can help the planet by having a tree planted.

Ammara Khan
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