Facebook is trying to build ‘common sense’ AI chips

Facebook is trying to create creepy software that can chat to you about anything. Facebook would be interested in offering AI ‘smart digital assistants’ something that has a level of common sense.

Facebook is trying to build 'common sense' AI chips

Facebook’s chief AI scientist, Yann LeCun, disclosed that the company is developing its own AI chips that could help it make more conversational digital assistants that can also better monitor content on Facebook in real time.

Facebook’s want its AI to think more like humans. That means it will understand “what will happen when the world responds to [its] interactions with it.”

This level of common sense thinking would make the bot far clever than any virtual assistant available today. AI like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant rely on a call and response system that restricts their ability to hold a conversation.

LeCun’s team is developing AI computer chips the plan is to deploy these to help Facebook moderators find and remove violent content from the platform.

The company has announced a partnership with Intel last month to develop more specialized and powerful AI chips. “If there’s any stone unturned, we’re going to work on it,” LeCun said.


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