Renewal of telecom companies license being delayed

The process alluding to the renewal of telecom companies licenses, which is planned over a year at least as per PTA Laws, but now is in danger of being delayed.

Renewal of telecom companies licenses being delayed

As, the various telecom companies including Telenor, Warid, Jazz and Zong licences are going to expire in May and October 2019.

The government has delayed the procedure and gradually it become a severe hinders for cellular services and will unfavorably impact phone users.

As, the government wants to sell the spectrum’s at an elevated price to enlarge striking revenue is the major challenge in the renewal process. Temporarily that maneuver seems favorable but in the long term it will harm the country’s goal of digitization, which acts as a medium for economic growth.

An official of cellular company expressed that the cellular companies not only need to renew their current licences, but they also call for new spectrum’s as with growing number of subscribers, the present spectrum has become congested like a highway.

A spokesperson of another cellular company said that “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data;” consequently, “it is critical to foresee the future technological needs bearing in mind the global advancements and have a spectrum roadmap that identifies and make sure the availability of high-speed mobile broadband services to support the determined targets to create the knowledge economy.”

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