Pakistan’s first-ever NCBI to be functional in April

Pakistan’s first-ever National Capacity Building Institute (NCBI) in the meadow of water sciences and engineering becomes operational in April in coordination with the monetary and technical support of Korean government.

Pakistan’s first-ever NCBI to be functional in April

Dr Muhammad Aslam Tahir PCRWR Chairman said the institute had been recognized with the Korean government’s financial support of $300 million while the PCRWR wimp the operational cost of Rs 65 million.

After completion of the recruitment process of 19-member staff, including the principal, teachers and other assisting staff the institute will be functional.

NCBI initiative at headquarters of Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) is to accommodate the needs of aspiring students and enhancing the ability of Pakistan’s water professionals belonging to different parts of the country for applying conventional and modern techniques to understand and solve the water resources issues being faced now a days.

All the rail network of the institute is complete. Through a three-year diploma training will be convey to the students in water management, which is extremely pertinent today when the country is faced with the evils of water shortage and unclean drinking water.

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