Unplanned housing schemes bruise agricultural production

Agriculture plays a very significant role in Pakistan’s economy. Confer to that Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Local Government Basharat Raja said that unplanned housing schemes on agricultural land clumsily affected agricultural production environment.

Unplanned housing schemes bruise agricultural production

To avoid devastation we must save the agriculture land from the housing developers that emit a dreadful environmental and social impact in major cities of the province.

Keeping in view, Minister for Law, addressed that the current government dictate instant ban on dwelling schemes to be developed on cultivated lands.

Addressing an annual conference arranged by the Auriga Group Basharat Raja said that he heading for the officials of Punjab Local Bodies department to accumulate agricultural lands from housing developers in future by taking strict actions.

The government was committed to resolve the issues of farmers through effective policies, adding that modern technology should be used in agriculture sector to increase crop yield that ultimately bolster the country’s economy.

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