China solid rocket booster ready for commercial launch

China announced  that the country’s new solid rocket booster, with 200-tonne thrust engine, completed hot firing tests, proving its readiness for commercial launches.

China solid rocket booster ready for commercial launch

With a diameter of 2.65 meters, the booster engine is expected to be used on the modified version of the Long March-11 rocket.

The rocket is the only series in the Long March family that uses solid propellants, and it can be launched within 24 hours.

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Developed by the Academy of Aerospace Solid Propulsion Technology under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, it will be China’s most powerful rocket booster engine, delivering a maximum thrust of 200 tonnes and carrying an explosive payload of 71 tonnes.

To increase its carrying capacity and market competitiveness, the new booster is covered with filament winding composite shell, which is better and can be applied more widely than metal shell, said Wang Jianru, chief designer of the booster.

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