Cloud computing accelerated in China’s govt affairs

Cloud computing technologies have maintained positive development momentum in China, with use of the technologies spread from the internet to government affairs and other conventional sectors such as finance and industries, according to a statistical report on internet development.

Cloud computing accelerated in china's govt affairs

Cloud computing is widely adopted in government, with more than 90 percent of China’s provincial-level governments and 70 percent of city-level governments having established or being establishing government affairs cloud platforms, said the report, which was recently released by China Internet Network Information Center, quoting statistics attained for the past year.

The financial sector is exploring areas where cloud computing can be applied, with a number of small and medium-sized banks choosing to remodel their business systems with the technologies.

The use of cloud technologies has covered all areas of industrial chains, ranging from research and development, design, manufacturing, marketing to after-sale services, which has led to development of new application modes from smart technologies and new forms of business, according to the report.


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