Punjab Growth Strategy to create one million jobs

Punjab Minister for Finance Hashim Jawan Bakhat chairing a review meeting of the Punjab Growth Strategy 2019-2023, he said the Punjab will create one million jobs and the growth strategy would be launched by end of this month.

Punjab Growth Strategy to create one million jobs

Over the next five years the residential facilities to 7 million people with the targeted growth rate of 7 per cent of the GDP while focused on education, health whereas agriculture, industry and SME would be used as engine of growth for employment generation.

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Minister for Irrigation Mohsin Laghari said that agriculture will play significant role in the growth and these areas are focused in the growth strategy 2019-2023. He hoped that focusing on these sectors would benefit the provincial as well as national economy.

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Minister for Industry Commerce and Trade Mian Aslam Iqbal said that the growth strategy was proof of industry and investment protection. He said the stakeholders would be taken on the board in the policy making of this document to make the growth strategy flawless policy document.

Dr Hafeez Pasha highlighted the key recital drivers of the province; takes stock of the current situation and the constraints faced both at the national and provincial level and presented a clear set of tactical priorities and plans to produce economic growth that is both comprehensive and sustainable.

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The strategy draws its potency from the significant amount of data and evidence used for the analysis and drawing out key growth drivers. The strategy going forward requires the government to make a strategic shift in its development priorities by moving away from mega structures to investing more in human capital, water, SMEs and on attaining regional balance.

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