Eminent tips to optimize the website

With rapid changes around the world in diverse fields, SEO (search engine optimization) has new challenges to face. SEO is no more realizing only on proper keywords and their density.

Eminent tips to optimize the website in 2019

They should be followed by a powerful content. Google goes in the depth of your content and then optimize it to top results.

We don’t need to just focus on main elements this season, therefore, had to concentrate on different aspects of SEO. As a matter of fact, SEO has built its place over the years in ranking. Instead, Google needs to change the trends as to how SEO will be count in 2019.

User-friendly pages

A website providing good SEO services is said to be user-friendly. Nowadays people need to search through gadgets in their hands like mobiles and tabs.

The website must be able to convert its size according to those different gadgets. The design and theme should possess such a tendency. ‘Less should be more’ is the formula to make your website mobile friendly.

No tricks needed

It’s already told above the pages be made for users and not for search engines. Utilize this formula and ultimately you will help in getting more traffic to your website.

You don’t need to work on every factor to be on top of the page. Just avoid these tricks to improve your ranking. Like black hat tactics, and clickbaits you won’t gain from it. You will be the loser.

Speedy Website

Speed up your site to make it searchable. The traffic on your site can be diverted if it’s slow. A Google survey explains that it takes 22 seconds to fully load a page on mobile and around 55 people will leave a website if it is the latest longer to load pages. Use different tools to resize your website pages.

Hosting service provider also plays a critical role to reduce loading time of your website. Among several hosting options, Hostgator is more affordable.

Content marketing

Content will stay as queen this year too. But content must be compelling and showing intent behind it. The mixture of Text+ visuals will lead the game. The content is for readers and it should beat your competitors.

The trending topic of 2019 should be kept in view while creating an unusual thing. Don’t just rely on keywords of the content but the whole content must be according to the user intent.

Building links

Link building is another important factor in ranking. The content should be interested and shareable to other sites to get backlinks. When other sites link to your article this in term generate more traffic. Use only white hat techniques to make your links valuable.

No Bounce Back

The technical factor of a website cannot be neglected. Avoid duplicate content it will make you competing yourself. The audience will bounce back and won’t stay long on your site. Also, fix broken links of your site. Keep auditing your site and avoid clickbaits as you will lose your audience timely.

Behind the scenes

Check your site through Google Analytics if there is an issue behind the scene just recover it. The search rankings will lower down if not amended.

Formatting website

To make your site easily traceable by the engine. You must work on formatting your website in a more sensible way.

  • Make internal and external links. Avoid too much linking to other pages.
  • Categories should be defined with subcategories
  • Visuals must be catchy but not long
  • Text should be attractive, entertaining and aligned.


People like it seeing than reading 1200 to 1500 words of the article. As Google want 2019 to be more visually friendly. The context behind the content can be presented in a more precise form by images and short videos. 2019 will rank pages with unique content and images. The Google algorithms set fast in recognizing such content.

The future of search will be about pictures rather than content.

Schema markup

Through schema markup, Google will build traffic to your site. The rich snippet will help Google analyzing your content and displaying it in top search results for the user. Choose the right markup for your site and can easily be added through the plugin to your word press.

To bring innovation and quality to your work just keep these 10 points in the line. For providing better SEO services in 2019 follow them.

Muhammad Aban

Muhammad Aban

Muhammad Aban is an SEO Expert in Getz SEO Services. He has 5 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization.

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