NASA asteroid trackers found an asteroid hit the earth

 NASA asteroid trackers have found an asteroid measuring nearly 450ft (150m) in diameter will skim the Earth.

NASA asteroid trackers found an asteroid hit the earth 

NASA’s asteroid trackers have narrowed the flyby down to 6.12pm GMT (UTC). Asteroid CM4 was first spotted by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) on February 8, this year.

The JPL estimates CM4 measures somewhere in the range of 223ft to 492ft (68m to 150m) in diameter. Compared to a London double-decker bus, the asteroid could be up to 18-times longer.

Even at the lower end of the scale, the colossal asteroid is still 30-times longer than a Queen Size bed and nearly 17-times longer than a Volkswagen Beetle car.

With these terrifying dimensions in mind, the good news is NASA does not expect CM4 to crash into Earth any time soon. At its closest, the asteroid will miss the Earth by more than 3.2 million miles (5.2 kilometres).

But the asteroid is a prime example of a so-called “Near-Earth Object” (NEO), which warrants interest from NASA and fellow space agencies.

NASA explained: “As soon as a near-Earth object is discovered, scientists around the world begin tracking its orbital path.

“Several days of observations are required before reliable and precise information on its orbit can be developed.

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