Huawei to replace Android if it lost legal battle with US

Huawei is being attacked from all sides, and even though the Chinese company seems to have been cornered, it still has the will to fight. Huawei recently sued the US, as a means to fight a ban that prevents its telecom equipment from being purchased and used by government institutions.

Huawei to replace Android if it lost legal battle with US
The same ban prohibits major US government contractors from using Huawei equipment, a major blow for the Chinese company’s local telecom business. Although the legal battle between Huawei and the US is just beginning, the former has everything prepared in case of a negative outcome.

Huawei’s executive Richard Yu said in a recent interview with Die Welt (translated) that his company already has its own operating system ready to replace Android and Windows. 

South China Morning Post reports Huawei started working on its proprietary ecosystem seven years ago, following a US investigation that also targeted ZTE. According to Yu, Huawei will continue to use Google and Microsoft operating systems, but if the legal battle intensifies, it won’t hesitate to switch to its own ecosystem.

The bad news for fans of the Chinese brand is that not even Huawei believes in the success of its own ecosystem. A Huawei spokesperson was cited saying that the company doesn’t expect to use its “backup systems” and that it doesn’t actually want to use them.


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