Technology becomes foe as crudely used in NZ massacre

New Zealand gunman named ‘Brenton Tarrant’ plotted a massacre at mosques in Christchurch that pursue a grisly master plan for terrorism in the social media eon.

Technology becomes foe as crudely used in NZ massacre

Confer to the mass shooting, 49 peoples slewed about 6 Pakistani and dozens were injured. Tarrant not only opened fire but he taped the entire crime and live-streamed it directly to Facebook.

The live-stream age has bumped with the upswing of manifesto-wielding mass shooters, and owing to these technological amenities the sniper prepared for everything and clumsily misused technology.

He appears to have posted Facebook links that broadcast live video about 17 gut wrenching minutes from his helmet-mounted camera. A strobe light activates on the weapon, in an apparent attempt to light up and perplex his victims.

Immediately, people copied and reposted variations of the video across the internet, likewise on Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube and by the time were readily searchable using basic keywords.

All the premier social platform YouTube, Twitter and Facebook all wriggled to confine the video, which was re-purposed and shared across social media even after the companies intruded and started deleting the wrenching content.

As, we all aware of the things get significantly trickier when it comes to live streaming. Hence, the giant tech companies still haven’t figured out a way to stop these distort videos from dissemination.

Automated tools are developed and executed by the renowned tech companies Google and Facebook that can detect and remove photos, videos, and text that violate strategies.

Moving back to the massacre, precisely it’s the shooter’s strategy to coup human behavior and technology’s incompetence that will not able to restrain the dreadful cruelty.

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