AI is both promising & dangerous, Bill Gates

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already raised many debates with some people claiming it to help us while others think it can harm us. Bill Gates, however, is in the point of view that we should put AI to use by improving health and education.

AI is both promising & dangerous, Bill GatesAI is both promising & dangerous, Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has given his views about AI in the past and in a recent conference, Gates mentioned that we can ensure that AI’s a boon by using it to improve health and education.

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“The world hasn’t had that many technologies that are both promising and dangerous,” Gates said, mentioning nuclear energy and nuclear weapons as examples. As for areas where AI has helped society so far, he said, “I won’t say there are that many.”

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Yet, Gates mentioned that areas including medicine and education are where AI could help out humans. “It’s a chance to supercharge the social sciences, with the biggest being education itself,” Gates expressed.

Gates said that he hopes AI will let us find what works in schools and reproduce that somewhere else. “We have not even begun to do that work of understanding motivation and engagement and teaching styles that would really improve the output of the system – better learning, less dropouts.”

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“We’re doing a lot of work with analyzing ultrasound, and we can do things like sex-blind the output, because we’re not having anybody actually see the image.”

Apart from health and education, Gates also mentioned other points of concern over AI including the beginning of the profound societal changes from personal computing.

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