China evolve new energy battery powered UAV

The China-developed new energy battery-powered demonstration unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), known as LQ-H, has conducted a successful maiden flight.

China evolve new energy battery powered UAV

LQ-H, the technical demonstration UAV, conducted the flight at an airport in Zhengzhou in central China’s Henan Province, said its developer Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), which is also the developer of China’s C919 large passenger airplane.

Powered by a hydrogen fuel battery, LQ-H had a smooth flight with all systems in good condition. And its battery power system has been fully validated, COMAC said.

COMAC said it was substantial progress for them in terms of exploring new energy aircraft.

With a wingspan of 6 meters, LQ-H uses a hydrogen fuel cell for its main power and a lithium battery as supplementary power.

The demonstration UAV model uses multiple new technologies, such as 3D printing and compound materials, to lower its weight and pave the way for new-technology application in further manufacturing.


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