Pakistan’s FCA to comply crop targets in mid-april

The Federal Committee on Agriculture (FCA) will comply crops target in mid April probably on 17th with appraisal the productivity of Rabi crops and put the targets for Kharif crops of the year 2019-2020.

Pakistan's FCA to comply  crop targets in mid-april

The ultimate aim of the meet up is to fulfill the domestic necessities of the food commodities as well as for the country’s exporting.

The officials of Pakistan Meteorological office would present the weather forecast and procedures to get the maximum benefits by sowing the crops in a suitable time. Moreover, the Seed certification and registration department will provide data of seed stock during the period.

The FCA will set the cotton sowing target as the government is unwavering to manufacture 15 million bales to meet conjugal requirements as well as for exports.

The FCA will meet with the masses to brief the meeting about the arrangements to make sure smooth accessibility of all agricultural inputs including water, certified seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and credit during the season.

Deputy Food Security Commissioner Dr Wasim Ul Hassan briefed the representatives of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Zaraie Taraqiatie Bank Limited (ZTBL) and other private sectors banks of the committee about the credit allocation and disbursement during the season where as Indus River System Authority would briefed the meeting about the water situation for irrigation during the season.

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