Water for everyone, leaving no one behind

World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22nd March. Confer to that, the Panel discussion held at PMAS-AAUR in collaboration with ICIMOD and Technology Times with regard to World Water Day 2019 theme leaving no one behind where the panelist highlights the significance pertaining to water and call to conserve it.

Water for everyone, leaving no one behind

The honorable panelist Mr. Ather Hameed, Federal Flood Commission (FFC), Mr. Zeeshan Virk, LEAD Pakistan, FAO land and Water officer, Ms. Robina Wahaj and Mr. Abid Bukhari, CEO, Water Con put light on all aspects of water related issues and enclose feasible solutions and recommendations.

Mr. Sayyed Paras Ali as a moderator from Technology Times emphasize on water availability, depository, supply and its quality that are among the major issues, which the world is facing at present.

The Panelists negotiates on How Government is working to achieve this SDG?  What are governance issues in management and equitable distribution of water resources? And the last one equitable water rights in light of national water policy?

Mr. Ather Hameed said that Pakistan’s ground water level is lessening a meter every year primarily due to groundwater extraction for drinking and agriculture purposes. He further highlights the National Flood Protection Plan and National Water Policy – 2018.

Mr. Zeeshan Virk shared his experience of 30 years in water working. He put light on why we need again and again recommendations for water. There’s a dire need of time to commence Water campaigns to protect populace from unhealthy drinking water and poor sanitation.

Ms. Robina Wahaj negotiate on water insecurity, she said that Pakistan supply gap is quite large. 70% water resources are using. 80-85% is being used in agriculture sector. As temperature raising in winters it directly increase the water efficiency and ultimately decrease in water scarcity.

CEO Water Con, Abid expressed his views how to combat the looming shortage of water in Pakistan. He added that we have to use modern technology to perk up the water efficiency.

Canals are supply drivers not demand driver, even don’t have relation with crop patterns.  To lessen the threatening issue we need to augment the natural resources of water for better productivity, he further added.

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