Decrepit wireless switches accompany the IOT

Just about any appliance comes in an internet enabled version nowadays. However, even the oldest wireless gear can be switched on and off with an Internet connected power socket.

Decrepit wireless switches accompany the IOT

[Bill] is in the process of automating his home, and found some old radio controlled power sockets that badly needed to join the 21st Century. 

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The first set of switches came across were easy to work with. Eager to keep things as functional as possible, ESP8266s with Tasmota firmware were wedged into the enclosures.

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With a bit of circuit sleuthing, [Bill] was able to set up the switches to respond to commands from both the ESP8266 as well as the original push buttons and radio remote.

[Bill] later came across some black switches, which were not up to his standards. These switches were gutted entirely, being used only for their mains plug and enclosure.

The relays inside were replaced with 5V versions which were easier to trigger from the ESP8266’s outputs.

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Bill readily admits that the cost benefits over buying off-the-shelf Sonoff modules don’t really add up, but good hackers rarely let such concerns get in the way of a fun project.

Around these parts, we see plenty of hacks to automate your house like this zero-intrusion light switch mod.

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