Farmers advised against yellow rust incursion

A team of agricultural experts visited diverse villages in the district to scrutinize the wheat crop and has been witnessed the attack of yellow rust in some fields.

Farmers advised against yellow rust incursion

Wheat cultivated on around 8.7 million hectares in 2017-2018 and relics the largest crop sown. However, the crop is currently under attack by the Yellow Rust disease in Punjab.

Yellow rust attack occurred due to low temperature and cloudy conditions. Cultivators countenance this dilemma every year and thousands of farmers get pretentious by the disease.

If the farmers while moving through wheat fields notice yellow turmeric light powder on their clothes or hands, it should be taken up seriously.

In case of the problems, the farmers should get in touch with their agriculture office. It happens when farmers use chemical spray as a precautionary measure to save the crop from hazards. Such kinds of preventive measure are suitable only when the disease strikes.

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