WhatsApp “sells” user data disclosed at SOFTEC 2019

The Software Exhibition and Competition SOFTEC 2019 is the prevalent software competition in Pakistan organized by FAST National University Lahore.

WhatsApp “sells” user data disclosed at SOFTEC 2019

The event also includes a number of competitions; one of the most prominent parts of SOFTEC is its conferences. This year 2019, a panel negotiates over Cyber Security.

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The honorable panelists are Mr. Ibrahim Nadir, an Assistant Professor at FAST NU, Dr. Ghalib Shah, an IEEE Senior Member, Nahil Mahmood, the CEO of Delta Tech and Shahmeer Amir, the World’s 3rd most talented Bug Hunter and is the CEO of Veilux, a Cyber Security consultancy startup.

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During the encompass one of the panelists, Mr. Ibrahim Nadir jolt everyone in the hall by saying that WhatsApp “sells” user data to third-party advertisers.

Talking about how social media platforms spawn revenue through advertisements “What do you people think, how does WhatsApp generate revenue? WhatsApp shows no ads, so how do they sustain themselves?”

“It’s really simple if you think about it. They must be selling user data in order to gain revenue. It’s a simple way of business. Just float through what people talk about or let companies browse through,” he further added.

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The proclamation of Ibrahim Nadir is very much alarming as it openly claims the prevalent chatting app of the world is subject to open-data reviews by advertising companies.

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