Apple new feature wirelessly charge other devices

After Huawei and Samsung’s new feature of being able to wirelessly charge other devices through their new phones, Apple too might be taking the same route with its upcoming iPhones.

Apple new feature wirelessly charge other devices

Apple’s next iPhones might include the beneficial feature of having the ability to charge other devices, including other iPhones, Apple Watch, AirPods and such, wirelessly off of the phones.

Along with this feature, the 2019 iPhones will also come with greatly upgraded cameras and bigger battery. Also, the upcoming iPhones might also have a new charging cable and the 18W charging port that comes with the iPad Pro.

This feature has already been integrated by tech giants Samsung and Huawei in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro respectively. Also, Apple has announced that the new AirPods 2 too will feature a wireless charging case.

Meanwhile, Apple fans are already prepping themselves for Apple’s new event to be held later today where it is expected to unveil its new streaming service and a subscription-based news service.

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