Self-governing firefighting robots to battle fires

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) recently demoed a pair of Self-governing wheeled robots that are designed to battle mainly those hazardous fires, like those caused at petrochemical plants, that too without putting the lives of human firefighters in danger.

Self-governing firefighting robots to battle firesThe two robots, Water Cannon Robot and Hose Extension Robot, upon reaching the scene will use a combination of GPS and laser sensors to drive themselves to a designation location near the fire.

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The Hose robot will then drive itself to a fire engine or other water source, laying out a heavy duty firehose extension connected to the Cannon robot along the way.

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Once the hose is connected to the water source, the Cannon robot extinguishes the flames with water or foam; dousing the fire without putting any human firefighters at risk.

MHI’s firefighting robots were designed to function as a part of a Firefighting Robot System that also contains a recon and surveillance robot and a command system.

The entire system can fit within a dedicated transport vehicle that will ferry the equipment wherever it is required.

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MHI is yet to announce if the demonstrated system will actually be put to use, but the demo video surely shows a promising technology of autonomous bots in this area.

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