7th Pakistan CIO Summit & IT exhibit 2019

The 7th Pakistan CIO Summit and 5th IT showcase 2019 held on 26th  of March in Marriot Hotel, Karachi. The Pakistan CIO Summit being the only platform, where a robust number of CIOs, departmental IT Heads, and other IT Professionals get together annually to negotiate on mutual interests.

7th Pakistan CIO Summit &  IT exhibit Pakistan 2019

As Digital Transformation is now considered as a necessity instead of an option. Confer to that, this year’s theme of the Pakistan CIO Summit is “Digital Transformation – Stay Ahead”. In today’s world of technology, all organizations look up to their CIOs to make digital transformation a reality within their businesses.

The CIO Summit will be fragmented with two technical sessions, one is ‘Digital Transformation’ and the other is ‘Cyber-Security’ with regard to digital renewal.

Moving ahead, there are some pessimistic concerns, the booth fees that showcase IT products are in millions and per participant fee is about Rs 32,500 excluding taxes that is not justifying in country like Pakistan where our budding youth is looking for erudite platforms but the sky-scraping cost of doorway becomes the obstacle in their way to join and interrelate with IT headship. The International booth fee is US$ 500 that is aprox 70,000. 

Additionally, the core aims of the Pakistan CIO summit and the allied exhibition is to present solutions for tomorrow, to bring on latest technologies under the limelight and to appraise how they can play a significant role in making Pakistan an IT Hub in the region.

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