AI to solve customer problems more efficiently

Customer experience has been steadily evolving over the past decade, as new technologies like AI come online and businesses try to provide a better service to customers in the most efficient way possible.

AI to solve customer problems more efficiently

AI has been seen as pivotal in this journey, driving more intelligent call handling and streamlining processes through automation. 

To discuss this issue further, Director of Customer Experience Transformation EMEA from Verizon find out how AI is impacting the modern contact centre environment and to identify what the core benefits and potential pitfalls are.

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When it comes to improving customer experience, we are in the midst of a true revolution. New technologies hold the key to unlocking customised engagement. Businesses are looking to technology such as artificial intelligence, robotics and chatbots to help them achieve an improved, personalised customer experience.

This will enable them to analyse data to identify customer feedback, preferences and behaviours. This will allow businesses to meet a new generation’s expectations and enable contextual customer experience to differentiate products and services.

Is AI affordable for any company that provides customer service?

Having the right need for AI within a business is just as important as whether a business can afford it. We have all heard it before but ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to technology. The impacts of market influence, geographical reach, customer demographics and requirements, means that no business is the same.

The best customer interactions often involve an emotional connection. They’re the ones where a service assistant has shown real empathy for what the customer wants to achieve. And they’re the ones that result in the customer trusting and going back to that company. Customers value the human touch. 


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