Science & astronomy exhibit held at Mansehra School

The science and technology ministry directed the Pakistan Science Foundation to organize a science exhibition, where sessions on science and astronomy detained through planetarium and mobile unit.

Science & astronomy exhibit held at Mansehra School

For the very first time, the science exhibit held at the Mansehra Public School and College to flourish the budding talents who have keen interest with regard to the innovative research of astronomy and other scientific explosions.

Assistant director of the science and technology ministry Assadullah Khan articulated that “We have come here for the first time to impart modern knowledge in the field of science and technology, especially astronomy’s, to students.”

 “We are also holding a training session for science teachers to improve their skills to deliver lectures on science-related subjects,” he said.

Umar Gul Khan, Mansehra College Principal said the science and technology ministry had stimulated its mobile unit to the campus to help the aspirants of diverse schools acquire informative bids about science and astronomy.

Umar Khan admired the encouragement of ministry saying that “I have found this unique way of teaching students. They get into the planetarium and learn about astronomy with stars and planets surrounding them.”

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