Google maps soon roll out ‘create public events’ feature

There’s an augmented use of Google Maps as it is practical when it comes to finding nearby and unfamiliar places. Now it seems that tech giant Google is in progress to allow users to create public events that are happening in their particular area.

Google maps soon roll out 'create public events' featureGoogle sooner or later start to roll out the feature to all users, but for now it is limited. It is a good idea and a good feature to have to let users know what kind of public events that are happening in the area, such as a blood drive, a charity event, and so many productive events.

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According to Android Police, the Google Maps “contribute” tab is lethargic at the moment, because the event added into the app almost takes an hour to appear on a map.

On the other hand, the dynamic leggy feature will certainly improve from the search giant. May be Google wanting to substantiate the information first, or if it could merely be a server lag, but optimistically google will work those crimps ahead of the complete squash.

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There’s an assumption that the prevalent tech giant google inspired from the Facebook’sCreate Event” function. Keeping in view, this a constructive approach to create awareness to the common man regard to the surroundings. 


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