Govt grant Rs290bn for agri emergency programme

Federal Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan has given approval on several schemes including 290 billion budget for National Agriculture Emergency Programme for the enhancement of agriculture across Pakistan.

Govt grant Rs290bn for agri emergency programmeThe government has decided to spend 290 billion rupees on agriculture, with five key agriculture sectors big projects including conservation and increase productivity of water, increase in yields of major crops, livestock scheme for small and medium farmers, conversion of agriculture produce market, and increased access to finance.

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Secretary National Food Security and Research, Muhammad Hashim Popalzai said that the performance of the agriculture sector declined by 60 percent in terms of budgeting and main concern in development budget since devolution.

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During last 8 years, agricultural spending reduced and is negatively impacting this essential sector of economy adding that agricultural imports have reached to 4 billion dollars.

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The new agricultural schemes, focus will be made on increasing per capita production, sensible use of water, and amplified access to farming, livestock as they have a massive export potential.

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