Floating city idea able to withstand natural disasters

A firm has now put forward the idea of a floating city that would be able to withstand strong hurricanes, floods and other such disasters that are at alarming stage. 

Floating city idea able to withstand natural disastersSupported by the United Nations, an intergovernmental group Oceanix City, partnering with architect Bjarke Ingels and Oceanix (firm that specializes in building floating structures), unveiled a concept for a floating city and its vision of the future of urban living.

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Each Oceanix City would feature numerous hexagonal platforms, each of them holding around 300 residents and will be anchored to the sea floor. The platforms would fit together to form a totally self-sustaining floating city consisting of 10,000 residents.


The city would be designed in such a way that it could withstand natural disasters including floods, tsunamis, and Category 5 hurricanes. Also, the city project would address the problem of dire housing shortages as well. 

Moreover, the villages won’t allow any high-emitting cars or trucks. The city won’t have any garbage trucks, instead pneumatic trash tubes would transport garbage to a sorting station where it could be identified and repurposed.

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In the events of disaster, the platforms could be towed towards safer locations as well. Also, the city would maintain a low center of gravity and buildings would be between four to seven stories.

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In addition to homes, the city would also contain a spiritual center, cultural center and a communal library. The concept would also enhance ‘ocean farming’ with more food grown underwater and cages would be used to harvest scallops, kelp and other seafood.

Aquaponic systems would use waste from fish to help fertilize plants, whereas vertical plants would produce year-round crop.



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