Pakistani politicians fictitious accounts taken down

Social platforms usage increasingly day by day and thus making it harder and harder to encounter the fake accounts as there exists a lot of algorithms to fight with. But the concerned departments had taken down the 71 fake accounts of Pakistani politicians.

Pakistani politicians fictitious accounts taken downThe Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Ministry of Information Technology (IT) closed the fictitious social media accounts, according to a report sixty-four accounts were deleted from Twitter, while halting seven were on Facebook.

Cyber-wing is formed by the ministry of information technology to report bogus accounts of parliamentarians to bring a positive impact and avoid hate-speech.

The report disclosed that the fictitious social media platforms respond promptly to the users, they take months to respond to government organizations. Moreover, fake accounts facilitating discourses of hate-speech.

But now the authority’s taken down these publicly operative untrue accounts that spread hate-speech and they eventually had a globally bad impact of a state.

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