Pakistan aim to undertake 5G technology 2020

Huawei is persuading Pakistan to undertake its low-cost 5G technology to go digital ecosystem. Keeping in scrutiny, Pakistan make an effort for the commercial deployment of 5G services in the second half of next year.

Pakistan aim to undertake 5G technology 2020Huawei estimates that 5G will bring industry opportunities worth $1.2 trillion to South Asia and Southeast Asia over the next five years.

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“Huawei has already established a strong presence in the Pakistani market,” a senior Pakistan Telecommunications Authority official disclosed. “This should give them an edge.”

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Close links between Beijing and Islamabad are also expected to boost Huawei’s 5G ambitions in Pakistan, a country that has already benefited from investment worth tens of billions of dollars under China’s flagship Belt and Road Initiative.

Mohammad Suhail, Head of the Karachi-based Topline Securities Investors’ Advisory said that “Attractive tariffs for 5th Generation users will be the key to encouraging a large number of customers.”

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Charges for data services in Pakistan were elevated than in many other developing economies, Suhail said, with gear outlays and the high prices for 5 Generation spectrum anticipated to add to cost pressures.

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