WhatsApp Dark Mode update is functional now!

Prevalent messaging app WhatsApp dark mode can be accessible.  WhatsApp is testing out dark mode feature on beta users. To general users, it is not available currently an will be released in the future.

WhatsApp Dark Mode update is functional now!For the users who can’t wait till WhatsApp dark mode update is available to them, there are some other options. Doing so won’t have the original effect, but our eyes will have less strain looking at the screen.

There are many dark themes and third party available on the App Store, which can make WhatsApp go black. It depends on user preference, not everyone like using installing extra Apps.

One simple solution is to change the WhatsApp Wallpaper to a dark black photo. It won’t require any other Apps and is an inbuilt feature. We can go to WhatsApp > Settings > Wallpaper and choose our desired image.

While there are a lot of rumors on dark mode feature, WhatsApp has officially not given any statements on it.

There is no confirmed release date, but given the increasing popularity of dark mode, it could be out by the end of this year. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more WhatsApp Updates and other news.


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