Fish farm launched at MNSUA for research purposes

Fish farm going too developed at Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture (MNSUA) for research purposes and to endow farmers with profitable farming by nurturing fish.

Fish farm launched at MNSUA for research purposesPakistan’s agriculture sector is the backbone of economy and hence fish farming can become money-spinning if farmers prepared fish feed from crops to nurture fish in ponds that ultimately increase farmers profit margin.

Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Asif Ali addressing a ceremony held at MNSUA for opening a fish farm developed for research purposes. He unfolded that, Pakistani population could improve protein intake by including fish food in their weekly menu twice or thrice. As, fish a best food, a good source of protein, and it keeps individuals healthy.

Assistant Professor Dr Naheed and Assistant Director Fisheries Iram Khan appreciated the initiative of developing a fish production pond at the MNSUA for research purposes.

They said that Rohu, grass carp and Gulfam fish were being nurtured and process of research had also begun.

Keeping in line the above initiative, as we all know that fishes plays a very important role in the employment, national economic development that ultimately providing nutrition and profitable earning to farmers community. 

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