Earth Day 2019 to ‘Protect Our Species’

Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April of every year worldwide to exhibit the need to conserve the planet and its environment. This year’s theme is to ‘Protect our Species’.

Earth Day 2019 to 'Protect Our Species'The idea of commemorating such a day was to look after valuable species and bolster awareness about the accelerating rate of extinction. A lot of eradication caused to plants and wildlife populations mainly due to human activity.

Some of the main reasons behind the eradication are climate change, deforestation and pollution, most significant the plastic pollution that adversely affect the wildlife habitat and humans too.

To sluggish and bring to a close the extinction of rare species the World Earth day is accompanied to save the environment from diverse hazards.

In order to combat the alarming issues every single person needs to take instant actions such as by planting saplings to rescue the nature , avoid plastic bags that vigorously destroy the species.

We must need to protect our assets [species] from natural disasters by insulate the particular places where they live. Wildlife must have places to find foodstuff, proper shelter to boost their adolescent and ultimately it lessen the extinction.

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