UBL taken the lead of digital transformation in Pakistan

12th International Mobile Commerce Conference, held in Karachi on 18th April focused on digital transformation and how banks are using digital technology as facilitator of digital commerce.

UBL taken the lead of digital transformation in Pakistan

Financial institution ‘UBL’ was the title sponsor of the 12th year running conference. Keeping in view the bank’s digital agenda, all the prevalent local and international experts from banks and the digital commerce ground attended this conference.

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UBL, being a progressive and innovative institution, has taken the lead in financial inclusion and economic development of Pakistan through the prologue of comprehensible financial products and services based on modern technology.

Sima Kamil, President & CEO, UBL opened the conference. She talked about how Pakistan was experiencing a digital revolution due to the decree of monetary inclusion and the explosion of digital technology.

She further thanked the State Bank of Pakistan for being a loyal regulator in the banking industry’s initiatives towards country digitization.

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