PRCS holds CLIMATON to endorse business ideas

The Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) in collaboration with the German Red Cross organized the climate change competition ‘CLIMATON: Y-Accelerator Challenge’ to endorse sustainable green business ideas.

PRCS holds CLIMATON to endorse business ideas

The ultimate aim of this climathon programme is to build capacity at the proletariat and also at Pakistan’s government level. The Y-Accelerator challenge gives young people the chance to develop business ideas that embark upon the alarming matter ‘climate change’.

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PRCS Secretary General Khalid Bin Majeed said “PRCS being the front-liner in responding to emergencies and disasters with the assistance of its international partners has already taken up the initiative to launch climate smart disaster management to ensure effective adaptation.”

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Confer to the Climathon programme; a total of 16 teams took part in the competition. The first and second position of the competition was secured by National University of Science and Technology (NUST) while the third position was secured from Fatima Jinnah University.

The first prize of Rs 70,000 was given to Ameera Adil, the first runner-up prize amounting Rs 50,000 was awarded to Ausma Farooq and the 2nd runner-up prize of Rs 30,000 was given to Kainat Rao.

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Advisor Climate Change Adaptation German Red Cross Hans J Hausmann said the “Climate Change Program aims to breach the fierce cycle of disaster vulnerability, ignorance, low ability and poverty by endorsing sustainable green business ideas.”

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