AlphaPro effectively holds Pakistan Vlog summit 2019

Pakistan’s Vlog Summit 2019 held at Shah Latif Bhittai Auditorium Islamabad on 26th April, 2019. The optimistic exclusive and premium hold up organized by AlphaPro to explore the concealed beauties of Pakistan.

AlphaPro effectively holds Pakistan Vlog summit 2019AlphaPro persuade national and international Vloggers on the same platform to carve up their journey of #Vlogging by sharing their experiences and views about the natural beauty and augment multi-dimensional culture of Pakistan.

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Deputy Chinese Ambassador Mr. Lijian Zhao shared his views saying that such sessions must be organized regularly to make people aware about the trending mediums to keep the nation healthy. 

Mubashir Siddique shared his experience about how he started his journey. Added that “You need to be very patient with vlogging. It’s all about making mistakes and then learning from your own mistakes. There is no age for learning you learn new things throughout life.”

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Well-known vlogger, Jordan Taylor saying, “Pakistan is a place where everyone you meet treats you like a long lost friend. I heard things about Pakistan but I decided to come and see for myself. I found the people and the land beautiful and full of love. I felt loved, I felt safe!”

Mr. Adeel Ayub, Managing Director AlphaPro said “I am very happy to see such huge positive response from all these amazing vloggers. AlphaPro has always come up with unique ideas. We will keep on bringing such fruitful events which will help us promote the positive image of Pakistan.

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Many other national and international vloggers shared their perspectives are Siddique Jan, Faisal Warraich, Zain Ul Abideen, Marsha Lui, Amel, Skooty Girls, Sana Shakoor, Afra Hussain and Sareesha.

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