Ask questions when finding cable assemblies manufacturer?

Having trouble looking for a cable assembly that suits your needs? Don’t know what questions to ask? I know it can be challenging.

A lot of cable manufacturers are available to help you with your cable assembly needs. However, not all provide the same services, and this is something you need to consider before deciding.

Asking questions is crucial for choosing the right manufacturer for you. Prepare a list of hard questions, it brings great value to the entire process. You will understand this later.

Below are some important questions you can ask that may, hopefully, narrow down your list of potential candidates. Again, asking questions will help you find the one you wanted. The one that will help build a good business partnership.

Know the Manufacturer’s Installation Process

One of the important aspects to find out when looking for a manufacturer is their installation process. Are the custom cables installed under a good and stable condition? Do they need material recommendations or specific techniques for construction? It is very important that the designer of your cable assembly understands the entire concept of your product manufacturing. Only then the custom cable assemblies will be installed.

You may also ask the manufacturers for additional actions needed to improve the final performance of your product. Keep in mind that producing cable assemblies that will aid in the entire process of installation is essential in order for the manufacturing procedure to be effective and efficient.

What is Their Shipping Process for Cables After Production?

If you opt to outsource cable assembly manufacturer, this is one question you need to take note. Ask the manufacturer about how they are going to ship to you the completed product.

In case the product is made of fragile materials, then it is of utmost importance they ship the product in a tangle-free manner with additional safety measures. It is better to inform the cable assemblies manufacturer to pack your cables in a customized way and ship them with 100% care.


Is Communication Process Transparent and Effective?

The process of cable assembly is complicated and refined. The cable assembly manufacturer should explain in-depth about the structure of the business. Moreover,

They should allow your representative or you personally for a facility visit if possible. They should be aware and open for discussion about certain issues and what are their possible solutions if any issue arises.

Between you and the cable assembly manufacturer, having open communication is important for the partnership to work. The manufacturer should treat you as a business partner and not as a customer. Also, it is advisable to discuss intellectual property rights or related things to cable assembly manufacturer if they want to be involved in the layout and structuring process.

What is Their Way to Handle Information?    Manufacturers need to be precise and fast when it comes to handling large groups of data. Change is constant in the world of electronics, hence they need to acquire updated information from time to time. There will be revisions as well when products are on their end of life state. Another thing that is tentative is the date. That is why your cable assembly manufacturer should assemble the product with proper and accurate components when revising.   

Is the manufacturer knowledgeable enough to handle cable construction changes, especially when updated methods for such product have come out? One more thing, the schedule of production should be relying on the tentative dates. Make sure your cable manufacturer has a trusted and reliable system for data control both internally and to you.                             

How is Their Quality Control for Product Testing?                                  Another important aspect when finding a cable assembly manufacturer is their quality of product testing, specifically, cable testing. Inform them you want to know their way of testing the cables produced and how they will inform you about the results. Cables that are customized can be pretty demanding, but a credible manufacturer should discuss with you all the details about their product testing process. Also, these are some testing methods to remember:

●     Advanced Life Testing

A type of testing process that is designed to place cables through intense conditions to test their performance. This advanced life test is vital to determine how products withstand harsh conditions without losing its conductivity or caving into other external issues that may result if cables are not properly wired. 

●     Pull Test and Crimp Compaction Ratios

Pull test is made to identify the level of force that is applied to different attachments connected to the end of the cables. These attachments may be comprised of rods, connectors, and terminals. It is a type of testing that is important in cabling that is uncovered to various factors and to withstand intense use.

On the other hand, crimp compaction ratios is a type of test used to identify the height and width of the cables after they have been curled. The importance of this test is to guarantee that the cables are not folded too loosely or tightly as it can lessen the overall quality of the cables.



The wide variety of factors to consider when choosing the right cable assembly manufacturer can be overwhelming if you don’t have a proper idea on how and where to look for one. Not only that, the process itself is tough, but once you find the right manufacturer for you, all the hard work will surely pay off.

You have all of these tips to help you look for the best fit. Hope you will find the right cable assembly manufacturer for your products. You can also visit,  a world-class cable assembly manufacturer.


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